13 agosto 2020

The galician firm Paz Rodriguez, leader in children’s clothing, has made their image for the upcoming winter season in the facilities of Pazo de Lis

An excellent catalogue with quality garments and a really attractive design. www.pazrodriguez.com
4 febrero 2020

Pazo de Lis in the «Ces Valencia Tour»

During the next two week Pazo de Lis will compete in Valencia international show with four horses: Jimena de Lis,Napoleón,Filipo and Striewes Carla. Our rider Antonio […]
28 enero 2020

Camala goes to Lopez Rodil Stables

Our breeding mare Camala von Lis goes to Lopez Rodil Brothers  stable to continue her breeding career. This Oldenburg mare is Cornet’s son “Wanning Moon de […]
28 enero 2020

“Polly Pocket”, de Pazo de Lis a Alfredo García Muñoz

La yegua westfaliana “Polly Pocket”, importada el año pasado desde Alemania por Pazo de Lis Sport Horses, ha pasado a formar parte de la cuadra del […]
11 octubre 2019

New foal at home

Waning Moon  de Lis was born in our stable past July.
9 julio 2019

A new member in our family

A new member in our family Wonder Obolensky de Lis. He was born in our stable past June.
9 julio 2019

Pinol Tienda Hípica visits Pazo de Lis

Our friend of Pinol Tienda Hípica visiting our stable. Great team and the best partner.
24 abril 2019
Antonio Honrubia

Antonio Honrubia, new Sports Director

Pazo de Lis incorporates the coach and rider Antonio Honrubia as Sports Director of the stable. Antonio will train and ride the stable’s horses and will […]
3 abril 2019

Mikel Aizpurúa in Pazo de Lis

The vasque rider Mikel Aizpurúa has decided to move into Pazo de Lis with the intention to prepare for 2019 season. After an intense year with […]