The best facilities

Every detail designed to maximise the well-being of our horses

We have built complete, modern facilities with a total surface area of 25,000 m2 to house and train just twenty or so horses, keeping them safe and in the best posible health.


What´s here?

One of the best yards in Europe
  • 3 sand and geotextile rings.
  • Proprioception track.
  • 5 fully equipped paddocks.
  • Generous rest field.
  • Latest model mechanical walker.
  • Client observation room.
  • Fully equipped barn.
  • Offices.
  • Client changing room and shower.
  • Client parking.
  • Garage and store.
  • Cool-down path for horses.

Our facilities are self-ventilating and there is natural light in all stables, which are draught-free and kept warm in winter. Besides, carefully prepared feed and out-door grazing in our paddocks ensure that all our animals are fit and healthy.

Without doubt one of the best stables in Europe which allow us to train our horses in unbeatable conditions and an exceptional natural environment, with weather that is just perfect for our animals.