About us


Pazo de Lis Sport Horses is a trading stables dedicated to the sale of sport horses. We are part of the Faro Group, a business which has been working in Spain for more than 40 years and now employs more than 500 people.

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Latest generation facilities

At our facilities we train horses to compete in Classical Dressage and Eventing for amateur riders and professionals alike and raise very young foals from the best stock the market has to offer.

We select our animals on the basis of how well they ride, their health and their capacity to compete at different levels and our experts develop their abilities so that we can offer our animals to our clients at their very best.

The best


At Pazo de Lis we only sell horses that we own ourselves, some of which have been bred at the stables, which means we know them and can reliably assess their potential in every area. That’s why we give our buyers a guarantee of the health and future development of our horses.